Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tri Day is Almost Here!

Only a few more days until the Tri... I'm cautiously excited.  Why the caution you ask?  In the middle of the night last night, I got out of bed to use the W/C, stepped over my sleeping dog and I tweaked my knee.  For a few minutes I couldn't even put my foot down it hurt so bad, but the pain subsided after a few minutes and now today it just feels tight.  I'm not so worried about the swim, but more so concerned about the run through the sand into the water  and the run out of the water into transition. I ran out of Rocktape  and need to get some more-  I'm sure once I tape it I'll be fine.  Stinkin knee. And its not even like I did anything that would cause it to be hurt.  I stepped over a sleeping dog - thats it.  Grr.

My stupid gym is having problems with the chemicals of their pool.  Yesterday morning, I got all the way to the gym just to find out that the pool was closed-  I went back after work to see if it had reopened, and the inside pool was still closed, but the outside pool was open.  So, I tried to get a workout in the outside pool- but as Ive kvetched about a billion times- stupid swim lessons take priority over lap-swimmers, so we all got pushed into three lanes (and by all I mean we were all already 3 to a lane before they moved us into three lanes)  At that point I gave up and just went home.  So yesterday's workout probably only consisted of about a 400 -  maybe a 500.  I was so hyper focused on dodging flailing limbs from the kids in the lane next to me, and staying fast enough to not get passed in the circle swim that I didnt actually count my distances.  They still hadn't gotten their tish together this morning so it will be attempt numero three will be tomorrow morning.


KLA said...

Good luck on your triathlon.

Dodging flailing limbs? You stumbled upon realistic training conditions for your swim leg!

The Tubby Triathlete said...

ha! I know, right! :) Though I have to say in the past 2 I did- not so much flailing limbs, but getting log jammed behind people who were slower ... *fingers crossed* my face doesnt meet a failing limb on Sunday! lol

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