Saturday, August 20, 2011

Three Times the Effort, Three Times the Pain

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I have the next post from the family triathlon ready to post- I'll probably put it up tomorrow (Sunday) but wanted to give some updates on other things previous to posting the next leg.

So- classes start again on Monday- and I seriously already have books to read and papers to write and the dag-gone term hasn't even started yet.  Anywho~ I wanted to let you know of an addition I made to my page.  If you go to the main page of my website, there is now a tab labeled "Brutus the Trainer"...  he has his very own section now on the ole blog.  He will be doing "Ask Brutus" segments about exercises, proper form, and pretty much anything else he decides to blog about that is exercise related.  He also graciously gave me a picture to put up (not in a speedo ;-)  ) as well as his contact information in case anyone in the Chicagoland area is interested in hooking up with him.  (I mean, in a trainer/trainee sense of the word-  not the "other" interpretation of the word :stinkeye: to the one who did a google search for "Brutus in a Speedo" )  The link to his spot on MY site is HERE  if you want to skip my page and go directly over to his site.. you can click HERE  

Speaking of Brutus-  and yes, even though I can safely call him "Will" now (which I do when we're training- except when he decides to be brutal and then I tell him he is Brutus the Brutal)  Ive been referring to him as Brutus for so long now, that when discussing him here, it seems weird to refer to him as Will.   But anyway, since the Tri is over and school is about to start, Brutus decided it was time :sound the trumpets:  Evaluations!!! (:half-hearted clap:) -  I personally think the only person who is excited about evaluations, is the evaluator-  not really ever the evaluatee...  and meeting with Brutus the Brutal not one, not two but THREE times this week=  exhausting.  I think every musculature in my body hurts. I have discovered (through the avenue of pain and ache) muscles that I did not even know I had, or would have even ventured to guess existed.

This was also the first week I ever had back-to-back meetings with Brutus the Brutal...  and seriously, after two days with him I was crying, then one day of rest and today was a full on beating not just an eval...and I think today and tomorrow are pretty much going to be Aleve dependant days.  Personally I think that when he went and looked at his evaluations he was like "Hmm, Millie's been holding out on me... I can push her much harder than I have been"  and decided to go for broke.  And let me tell you, not only did he go for broke, but he overdraft the account.  I was DRENCHED-  and I mean like my kelly green Notre Dame tshirt was Oregon Ducks Evergreen by the time I was finished with the workout.  AND not only that, but my red face lasted until at least 11:00- maybe even longer.  It was a hard workout...and trust me, I am feeling it.

Not only was I put through the rigors of a 2 day evaluation (of which I think I did pretty well- especially considering how HARD the brutal one worked me today)  but have also been put on a new "Lean, Mean, Triathlete Machine" diet  lifestyle .  We'll see how well the restricted calorie intake, and having to say goodbye to my favorite food group- the carb- fares.  I mean, no pastas at ALL- not even the Barilla multigrain ones I have been eating.  Being an endomorph sucks, seriously.

I think I'll survive on the no sugar thing- I mean it's been two weeks- and though I have stepped slightly off the path since the Tri finished (to enjoy a pop at the movie theater, and a few samples of chocolate from my friends new Dove Chocolates Business venture)  for the most part- I am avoiding processed sugars.  So really its just finding alternatives for lunch and dinner that don't have so many carbs in them.

Also, this week- now that evals are over, I'll be starting the Couch to 5K program to train to run the Have No Mercy 5k  in October.  If you are interested in being part of Team Millie Tris  and run with me in the 5K I would love to have you!  :)

So, those are the updates for now.  I think I may pass on the homework for today and spend some "recovery time" on the couch with some Pay-Per-View  :)


Shelley Moore said...

Oh I would love to run with you... Not sure I can afford the travel expense with getting a kid into college last week, but I would TOTALLY love to!!!

The Tubby Triathlete said...

Aw Shelley you're the best!! :) <3 I will keep you with me in spirit! College bound kid- how exciting :)