Monday, August 8, 2011

Brutus to the Rescue!

So its been quite a day!  I packed my bags last night intent on going to the gym this morning (even with my poor legs still whimpering from Saturdays workout)  and my stinkin phone died in the middle of the night thus losing its ability to double as my alarm clock.  I woke up at my normal go to work time thing you have got to be bleeping me.  So I take my packed bag and say "Okay I'm going to go to the pool after work"  but that pinhead mother nature had other plans-  yet another stinkin thunder storm. ARGH!

Still intent on getting *something* done today, I text Brutus and I'm like "crap dude- what am I gonna do" and he's all "its cool, grab your resistance band and do 100 reps of this and a 100 reps of that and you're good to go"  and now my arms arent all that thrilled with me, but I gotter done!  Woot Woot!

Which, goes to show that even when there is a road block, you can usually find another way around it on the path to your goals!

Now, lets just hope this rain passes through and we dont have to repeat this same junk tomorrow.  AND lets super hope that theres no rain in the forecast for Sunday!