Saturday, August 6, 2011

Brutus The Return

This morning was my first session training with Brutus.  As Ive said before he is at a new gym now, and is now an independent trainer -  free from the restrictions of a corporate gym.  (look for his page in the coming weeks in case you are in my area and looking for an awesome trainer!)

Anyhow.. I pull up to his new gym, and from inside I can hear music, grunting and groaning, and as I buzz around the parking lot, there are people flipping over gigundo tires, others jumping in and out of said tires  as well as a class full of people doing a work out with barbells.  My first panicked though was "holy (expletive)-  this place is HARD CORE"  as I stood staring in awe and amazement...and of course that thought was immediately followed by "Holy (expletive) I'm so (expletive) screwed...."  Brutus and I met up and I was seriously shaking in my ever loving boots, petrified that over the summer I had softened into gelatinous goo and that Brutus would be disappointed in how huffy puffy I had become since our last meeting.   Brutus said though, that I did well (hopefully it wasn't just the PC way of saying "damn girl, you didnt just fall off the wagon, you took a flying leap, and then rolled down the hill") -  so hopefully I really wasn't as bad as I had feared I would be.

Now, when I say this gym was hard core-  I'm not kidding.  I'm used to my gym- where I formally trained with Brutus... Bright Lighting, Granite counter tops in the bathrooms, saunas, spas, pool, salon, cafe, etc etc-  you get the idea.  His new gym-  nothing of the sort.  It is there to work you OUT.  To make you sweat, and swear, and sweat some more...and maybe suffer a bit... and then sweat some more  and get a workout.. not a sensory experience.  It was actually really refreshing.  It really is a kind of place where no one really cares what you look like or what you're doing, because everyone else is so busy working their asses off that they don't have the time or the inclination to pay attention to yours.

And,  this is the first time I have ever worked out in a place with no air conditioning.  I find that I like it more than I thought I would (now granted I probably drank about a gallon of water between the sweating and the being hot)  but I got a good hard sweat going and it felt great!

You know how they say that you never really know what you're missing until its gone?  Well, I want to append that a bit - and you never really know what your missing until it returns.  I am So So SO glad to be back with Brutus!  No one can make me sweat (and feel great about doing it)  like he can.  And, seriously, I feel flipping great-  with the exception of some soreness in the muscles in my thighs and above my knee caps ( I guess 50 squats will do that to you :stink eye to Brutus: )  but I am so so glad to be back to getting my butt kicked!

Perhaps Im still on an endorphin high- but seriously in just one visit - my outlook has gone back to I CAN!  Where in previous weeks, it had started to dip back down into the "I'll Never Be Able To"...

So, Yay for awesome workouts with kick ass trainers!

One week til the Tri-  woot woot!


Shelley Moore said...

That's awesome Millie! I fear I'm slippiong back into the "I'll never be able to's" and am dying to get back to kicking some a$$... I am screaming to do it on the inside, but I just can't get it going. hopefully the doc will get the hormones right and I'll get back soon. Keep up the fabulous work though!

domwillrunforbeer said...

That gym sounds intense! Will you be flipping truck tires in the parking lot any time soon? ;)

The Tubby Triathlete said...

Shelley! Don't slip! You've recognized the pattern and now you can choose a new path! :) I hope the doc gets you all fixed up right quick so you are back to your bad ass triathlete self! :-D

And Dom- MOST DEF! As soon as Brutus is sure I wont kill myself Im all over those tires like White on Rice- and I will absolutely make him take pics are proof! lol
They look like a lot of fun!!