Thursday, August 18, 2011

This Triathlete is Powered By #ROCKTAPE


So, I have to insert a shameless plug here for my absolute favorite invention for athletes.  As I have said numerous times- I have terrible knees.  I have had problems with my knees since I hit my first adult growth spurt in junior high.   I remember the first time my knee went out, I was in my kitchen practicing a cheer leading routine for cheer leading tryouts in seventh grade, and I went up into a Herkey Jump and when I landed I heard a cluck, my knee gave out and then it was shooting pain.

Many doctors later, we found out that I have Patellar Tracking (Ie my kneecap does not like to stay in place)  It slips and then locks out of joint.  It is SO painful.  And typically happens the most when I am running or walking. Since then, whenever doing strenuous exercises I wear knee braces... but not only are knee braces cumbersome- but they also slip, bunch and just overall are not very comfortable  and even with them on, I still always feared that my knees would still slip because I never felt totally secure in braces.

When I first started training for Triathlons, my friend Caroline told me about Kineseo Tape called Rocktape.   When properly applied, Rocktape keeps my kneecaps tightly in place, giving me the confidence and stability I need to perform at my best.  I can not even form into words how much Rocktape has changed my ability to perform.  It has given me confidence in my strides that otherwise I would not have had.

My dad's friend Margaret competed the Triathlon with us on Sunday, and she is a taping pro-  and thankfully, was able to tape me up...  and my knee felt great!  No Pain (even after the event) no slipping, and the knee felt as strong as ever nice and securely taped in place.

If you have a problem joint I highly suggest taking a look at Kinseo tape instead of a brace.  It is flexible, waterproof, but provides a level of security and stability that a typical brace cant.  They also have dozens of videos on their website on how to properly tape any problem joint that you have.  It definitely takes some practice (and seriously I didn't even know that you aren't supposed to touch the adhesive side of the tape, and that you are even supposed to rub it down with the a piece of the back part of the tape-  little tricks like that make a world of difference).  I am always leery about trying out new things, because I never know how well they are going to actually work- but I have been pleasantly surprised by Rocktape over and over again.

In the interest of integrity, I want you to know that I am not being compensated for this post.  This is solely my opinion based on my own experiences with the product.  As always, I Blog With Integrity.


KLA said...

I had to stop reading "when I landed with a clunk." I have trouble hearing and reading about joints, knees, elbows popping out!

The Tubby Triathlete said...

ha! I feel ya! :) The bottom line of the post was if you have problems with joints and bracing isn't working for you- try Rocktape :) (short and sweet and no discussion of joints! lol )

Anonymous said...

Hey Millie! Thank you for the ROCKTAPE shoutout...glad it's helping! :) Please tell your friends, for a free sample just email Thank you, and keep it up!!!

therapist said...

Great post. Rocktape is a special elastic tape that can reduce severe pain and injury within a few seconds. It is mostly used athletes and injured people. In the last Olympics of Beijing and London where most of the athletes and injured sports people has been seen to use KT tape in reducing their pain. RockTape is also known as Magic tape.