Monday, February 14, 2011

VDay with Big G

Gunter:  Oh Millie, so sad spending Valentine's Day ALLLLL alone.

Millie:  I'm not alone, I have you don't I?  :smiles sweetly:  Because you know nothing says L-O-V-E  like an ass kicking workout right?

Gunter:  *evil laugh*  my thoughts exactly-  and I am going to show you just how much I love you.

Millie:  Bring It.

Gunter:  Okay- five minute warm up and then, prepare for pain

Millie:  Pain?  Muhahahaha I laugh in the face of pain.

Gunter: Mighty big bravado you've put on for me today

Millie:  Its not *breath* a bravado *breath*  I'm just *breath* trying to show myself *breath* that I can do *breath* anything I put my mind to *breath*

Gunter:  If you can carry on a conversation, we are not working you hard enough.  :Resistance Level 3:

Millie:  Yup *pant* definitely feeling that now *pant*

Gunter: *whip crack*  good.. but you're still talking, so clearly you still aren't working hard enough *evil laugh*

Millie:  *grunt*  ugh Gunter *huff* Resistance level 3 *huff puff*  good enough

Gunter:  Not Quite - you're mine for ten more minutes - Resistance Level 5

Millie *whimper* Gunter *gasp*  please *gasp*  maybe I overestimated *gasp* my abilities *wheeze*  perhaps I'm not ready for level five yet

Gunter:  You can do it Millie- push through.  Your wiggle and jiggle will thank me for this.  Five more minutres

Millie:  .... *wheeze**pant* *huff puff* :sweats profusely:

Gunter:  What?  nothing to say?

Millie:  *whimper* *grunt huff puff*  *whimper*

Gunter:  very well....  you're five minutes have ended anyway.

Millie:  Oh, thank God. *huff puff*  So, next time I say Bring It...*pant*  perhaps, we don't need to bring so much.  Maybe instead of bringing it, we can just like-  carry it.  Or, talk about bringing it...instead of actually bringing it.

I think my legs might not be capable of walking in the morning.