Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dieting? Don't Feel Deprived, Feel Empowered!

Picture this: You've just joined a Tri Club to help you stay motivated and keep you in tip top training form until your first Triathlon. Or, perhaps you have recently decided that a Saturday morning running club is more up your alley, maybe you found a great group of people to have a nice long Sunday bike ride with you complete your 5k or Brick Workout, or 50 miler (not me, but who knows maybe someone reading rides 50 miles in a day) you guys are all shooting the bull after your workout and someone says "Hey lets go get a bite to eat"  You all agree on the local Panera, meet there and place your orders, reconvening at one of the tables with your trays.  You sit down, and they all look at your horrified when you set out your plate of Egg and Cheese on Ciabbata Bread, cup of fruit and Coffee with Cream.  You *thought* you had done a good job picking out a healthy meal, but what is actually sitting in front of you are enough calories to totally negate your entire workout (well, unless you did that 50 miler, but then you probably wouldn't be worried about your waistline either) ... whatever the situation on the path to getting healthy, there will eventually be a time when either, while out with your ridiculously healthy new friends, or perhaps meeting your non-diety friends for Breakfast you will need to face a dieters worst nightmare : The Ordering Counter or Menu. What do you pick? How do you know if it's "good" for you. All these restaurants and their appearance of healthy foods on the menu can be a major diet buster. So, what better way to strike down the Menu Monster than to be armed with good old fashioned knowledge before even walking into the situation.

David Zinczenko, author of the fabulous Eat This Not That Series has provided you with a few ideas to arm yourself with. From Panera (a diet busting sugar-house) to IHOP (who can pass up a Fresh and Fruity?) this article will give you options at many fast food and dining establishments.


Alex said...

Oh, the Egg McMuffin. I had read quite a while back that it was a GREAT choice for breakfast in a hurry and I have embraced it ever since. I'm not a big McDonald's person and I don't go there for breakfast often, but when in a strange place and in a hurry? It's my morning staple. I like it because it is a real egg, not some processed egg substitute thing. And on an english muffin, which I like to begin with. But I drink iced tea (because I'm not a coffee person). And I always skip the hash brown, even though the article says it isn't too bad for you.

The Tubby Triathlete said...

Typically, I don't eat McDonalds, mainly for the grease factor- but like you said, in a pinch or on a road trip it seems to always be the only recognizable "quick" food. Typically I get the McMuffin because its the easiest one to get the drive thru order taker to understand "no meat" with. It's the only one I can order and get right. So, I'm glad that at least I'm doing something right lol :)