Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A New Discovery

I'm so excited to share with you a great magazine I found over the weekend!  It's called Clean Eating Magazine .  The magazine not only has great articles like 21 Meals under $2, 200 Calorie Snacks,  as well as interesting articles like how to pick, chop, peel and prepare Fennel.    And, its not just for the vegetarians out there.  Many of the recipes are meat based (but can easily be adapted for the vegetarian), and are all centered around the principles of Eating Clean (ie no preservatives, no refined carbs, sugars ect- staying way from processed foods as much as possible) -  and keeping foods in their most natural states.

If you have read Jillian Michael's Master Your Metabolism  you know this is essentially what her eating principles are as well.  In her book and on TV she says that "If it doesn't come from the ground, or have a mother'  don't eat it .  It's great advice, especially if you have Endocrine Problems like I do.

Anyhow, I found this magazine by chance at Barnes and Noble over the weekend, and spent yesterday and today reading it cover to cover.  I was so excited by it, that I wanted to share with you my find.  I also have found numerous recipes that I intend to try in here for my "Find 5 Go-To Meals" part of my Fearless Living List.  I have already discussed 2.  I have 3 and 4 in the pipes, but haven't had a chance to actually make them yet... and I'm quite sure I have at least three just in this issue of Clean Eating alone!  I don't want to get too ahead of myself, as I actually have to make/sample them first but perhaps this finding healthy/delicious/satisfying meals won't be as hard as I think it will be :)

I love sharing new finds with all of you.  I think if any little tidbit or discovery can help one, it can help many :)

And, I actually also have a favor to ask of you - insert puppy dog eyes and sweet smile here-

I was wondering if you could visit Women's Health Magazines Site Here and vote for me for weight loss or fitness blogger?  For me, this blog, and my journey is really about showing through my own actions and experiences, that YOU are so much more capable of what you think you are.  I have received so many positive notes from you guys telling me that I inspired you to finally break out the old running shoes, or try your hand at swimming, or that you signed up for your first Triathlon... and stuff like that thrills me!  I don't blog for the recognition or the accolades, but to spread that spark of inspiration on to others who find themselves in a situation similar to my own.  Receiving nationwide recognition by a magazine like Women's Health Magazine allows me to reach people on a larger platform.  I would not only appreciate the vote, but be honored and grateful that you took the time to do it.

Thank you, sincerely, for taking the time to vote.