Friday, February 25, 2011

Surviving Your First Triathlon

Triathlon training season is about to get into full swing. For me, full- on Triathlon training begins on Monday. If you are doing a Triathlon in the month of June your training will begin this coming week or the week after- for Tri's later in the season,  count back 16 weeks from the date of the Tri and this will be your start date for training.  If you are a first time Tri-er, I highly suggest taking the 16 week training route, and not the 12 week training route. Better to over-train than to under-train.

If in your counting you discover you have shorted yourself by a week or so, don't fret it- still start on "Week 1" of your 16 week schedule, and add intensity later on, as you get closer to Tri day. The missed week or so won't kill you, I promise.

Bicylcing Magazine has an article in this months issue called How To Survive A Tri... | Bicycling Magazine for those who have set their sights on their first Triathlon.

It's a short article and well worth the read. Just remember, your first Triathlon should be about COMPLETING the Tri, not COMPETING. :)