Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Murphy's Law

Today was a bike day, mainly because my whole schedule has gotten turned upside between the start of classes, the blowing off of weekend workouts and the shuffling of things. I'm going to have to figure this out better, but for now (until my other class starts next Tuesday) it's a bike day. Anyhow, because today is a bike day and tomorrow will be a swim day (I have choir on Wednesdays and I don't want to go to choir practice all grody and smelly from huffy puffy cycling) so alas no Cycle Fit class.

I get to the gym only to discover the swimming pool TOTALLY empty. Figures. The one time I don't have my swim gear and I could have enjoyed the wide-openness of a lap pool all to myself. It would have been a slice of heaven, as tempted as I was to swim in my leggings and tshirt I figured the gym probably wouldn't appreciate that so I headed upstairs.

So, no Cycle Fit class on Tuesdays. Instead, I grab a bike on my own and choose a little pre-progammed workout. I huff and puff my way through 30 minutes.. okay .. I didn't really huff and puff. I sweat like a pig but no huffing or puffing. Thanks to my triathlon inspiration friend, I now have learned how to pedal properly (with the heel not with the toe) and did a thirty minute program, managing to go in that time frame six miles. Six miles, not bad. Definitely not triathlon pace but good enough for now. That's two miles every ten minutes, a mile every five. Hey.. at least I bike a faster mile than run/walk :-) And I feel great, not tired, nice and sweaty, on an endorphin high I guess.

I leave the gym and head to the grocery store to pick up a few things and drop off a Redbox movie. Forgetting that I'm in my huffy puffy clothes (the bottoms being spandex pants that we already discovered are NOT my friends) I walk into the grocery store and shop unabashed in pants that expose every wiggle and jiggle. Of course, then comes the checkout... it would figure that I would run into someone from my church choir at the checkout. And I'm all like "yeah I'm all sweaty from the gym" and they're all like "ohhhhh how nice"...looking at me wondering exactly what I could possibly have been doing at a gym.

I finish at the gym and being fairly hungry and not wanting to have to wait to cook something when I finally made it home, I decide to stop at Subway... where I run into yet another choir member. Unbelievable. So now, not one, but two choir members have seen my jiggly joggly ass...and as I'm kneeling in church on Sunday (its a church choir) the two of them are going to be like "thank you god she is not wearing spandex again today, had she, I may have had to poke out my retinas.

The whole summer, I haven't seen one choir member, not one. And yet the one day I'm covered in sweat, all my jiggles hanging in the wind, I run into not one, but two.

Don't know what I did to Murphy, but apparently he felt I needed three lessons today.