Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Gustav: *evil laugh*

Millie: *cough* *sniffle* *cough again* What do you want Gustav?

Gustav: Where ya been Millie. I can hear your jiggles getting jigglier by the second. What's the matter, did I sour your fire and passion with the ass whipping I dealt you?

Millie: Leave me alone Gustav *cough again* I'm sick... You don't scare me, I just can't even breathe without coughing- let alone get beat up by you for a half hour.

Gustav: Come on Millie.... you're not going to let a little old sinus infection hamper your training. I hear you haven't even been to the pool in a week. Ohhh you are going to hurt so bad when you finally get your jelly butt back in that water...and you don't even want to know the depths of hurt you will feel when you finally get back to training with me.

Millie: Gustav *wheeze, cough* leave me alone. I know, I know- I haven't trained since last Friday. It's been almost a full week. But all that cleaning last week, all that exposure to dust- having to de-clog the vacuum cleaner- wreaked havoc on my sinuses.... and now not only is it in my sinuses but it's drained to my chest *cough again* so! I haven't lost my fire. I haven't lost my drive. The determination is still there, and I hear you calling me over and over and over again, but you-pinhead- are just going to have to WAIT.

Gustav: alright Millie....but I'm waiting, oh boy am I waiting..... waiting, and plotting, *evil laugh* and planning my many, many ways to torture the sweat out of you..... I anxiously await your return. Muuuhahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa