Friday, September 11, 2009

The Small Stuff

So, as I was driving to make another deposit at the Salvation Army, there was a flashing sign for a storage company that say "Clear the clutter out of your house and your life" and then encouraging people to rent storage shelters with this company. I just thought it was so apropos
considering that is exactly what I'm doing. However, I think it is a bit of an oxymoron (perhaps not the right phrase my brain is a bit dead today) to tell people to de-clutter their lives by dropping off (and then paying for) a giant warehouse to store their clutter instead.

I've been crawling around getting dirty and dusty as we set our new office up and do a total overhaul of our clutter filled house. I possess a collection of t-shirts that I have but wouldn't ever really wear out in public, but are more around the house shirts. I found one that I purchased two years ago when visiting my best friends little sister at the University of Iowa. It's an absolutely adorable Green Tshirt with Hot Pink writing and a hot pink Iowa Hawkeye. The largest size they sell at the football stadium is a 2xl. When I bought it, two years and 65 pounds ago (could be more, but I broke up with my scale don't I wont know until October 1st) the tshirt was sooo tight on me and the IOWA letters were almost at my throat instead of across the girls where it was supposed to be. I am pleased as punch to report that as of today, the Tshirt fits! And "Iowa" sits proudly across the endowments. Now granted, I probably still wouldn't quite wear it in public as it also shows off the flabby pockets in the back buuut the mere fact that it could *almost* be worn in public made me very very happy.

Other things that I have noticed... I am able to pick up that would seem too heavy in previous experiences. For example: my old computer desk. My husband and I were able to carry it out of our office together. I dont know if he just had the heavier side or if I truly was holding my own ;-). I choose to believe the latter.

I was at Kohl's on Wednesday looking for towels because usually their sales start on Wednesday (which it didn't) and because I still have 2 Kohl's gift cards from last birthday and xmas from my mother in law that I have yet to spend. So, there I am at Kohl's disappointed that nothing is on sale yet and I'm about to walk out when a bookshelf catches my eye. It's from their "Destination Dorm" section ... a black three tiered bookshelf originally $99.99 on sale for, get this... 19.99. I was all over that little nugget of money saving goodness. Only, I didn't have a cart.. I had walked in planning on only getting towels. I could have walked up to the front and gotten a cart, but too far to walk up and back again and up again again (hey.. no one magically changes overnight) so, I decide to just lift this ginormous box and carry it. I heave it up off the floor and start heading for the checkout. Sales ladies left and right are trying to stop me offering to get me a cart, to which I replied "no its okay it actually isn't as heavy as I thought it would be"

So, me... the tubby, flabby wanna-be triathlete maneuvered a large box containing a steel(aluminum) eh whatever some kind of metal bookshelf all the way up to the checkout counter and then all the way out to the car, loaded it, unloaded it when I got home and set it up. Perhaps I don't have a gun show yet, but I at least must have some form of ammunition in these ol' arms, so woot woot for strength and stamina.