Friday, August 28, 2009

Sooo maybe I took a day off....

Ok, there was totally a plan in place to go to the gym from work, but then life happens, friends that you are never able to get together with because of schedules suddenly become free, and you jump at the opportunity because staying connected to people is what life is all about right?
So, the plan is to drag my happy rear out of bed in the morning and head to the gym  then.  My weekend is unbelievably packed so, tomorrow morning will be my only opportunity to get some exercise in.

So, not much to blog about today... however.. I've started reading some of the other blogs..mostly other triathletes, runners, swimmers etc.  So, I noticed on one lady's blog she talked about pushing herself so hard she crapped her pants.  Um, I'm sorry, but quite frankly, if you are to the point that you shit your pants-  haven't you exceeded the tolerance level that your body can take.  Perhaps if you have to push yourself to that type of limit, perhaps the Hawaii Ironman is just too much of a physical toll.    That kind of extreme is just something I don't get.  Maybe someone can explain that to me, but if the satisfaction of leaving a doodie in your shorts and having to sit with it for another however many miles til you finish your marathon... 1.  why on earth would you even mention it in a blog?  2.  How uncomfortable to be running with a wad in your pants the length of the marathon.  

Seriously, if I ever get to the point (and from where I'm sitting right now that would laughably be a point that I can't even see over the Mt. Everest of training I would need to do) where I'm sitting at a table excitedly talking about how I pushed myself past my physical limits and lost control of all of my bodily functions... someone will need to find a stretcher and take me away somewhere, because I can not see how that would ever, in any stretch of the imagination be considered, in my book, a glowing accomplishment.

And another thing, while I'm on the tangent of other bloggers.  What is with all these bloggers asking for money?  Like the "Oops I crapped my pants" girl.  She says that if her training has helped me in any way, that I should consider donating to her through her nice little paypal link.
Um... well, your blog has taught me to consider running with Depends.  Other than that, no, nothing notably worth while that couldn't be found in numerous blogs across the blog-o-sphere.  What ever happened to offering advice, helping your fellow man, extending a hand without expecting anything in return.  Why should anyone feel like they have to pay for something so minuscule?

Seriously, if you find what I write to be funny, insightful, helpful, annoying; if you find yourself rolling your eyes at me, or whatever emotion I evoke.. great. That's good enough for me.
I think bloggers seem to forget that they are blogging for themselves, not for other people.   It's not like a bunch of strangers called my house and said "Hey stranger, I don't know you, but ever considered running a triathlon?  Why not blog about it, so we can read it."

Aside from the fact that you are on a free freaking site.  I mean "Blogger" is provided at no charge to whomever sets theirs up.  I made the choice to purchase a domain name, and have it forward to blogger, mainly because I just wanted a website address that didn't have "Blogger" in it.   However, I'm certainly not going to make anyone else donate to me because I choose to write what's in my brain.    

Alright :end tangent:  :-)

Have a good night everyone!