Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cycle Fit & Posers

Today was a bike training day.  Since I now know (and thank GOD that I did not over-estimate my abilities and join a spin class) that the "Cycle Fit" class is  more my caliber (read: slow, sweaty, huffy-puffy, beginner), this is going to be worked into my regimen   in rotation with the swimming and the walk/jog.

So, this morning when I left for work, I grabbed the workout bag that has been sitting in my trunk for a while (because I've been strictly a swim workout for a couple of months now)  When I got to the gym, I realized my "Workout T-shirt"  was a shirt my dad picked up for me on one of his trips out to California.   I'm sure you're wondering "Who cares what T-Shirt you are wearing"  Well, it wouldn't be a problem except the T Shirt said "Stanford Swimming" 

First of all, I do not possess anywhere near the acumen to even dream about ever attending Stanford... and then on top of it, to be part of the number one most elite of all swimming schools in the country,  is totally laughable (especially considering I am no where near a swimmers physique).   Walking around with a "Stanford Swimming"  Tshirt would be like walking around with a noticeably fake Hermes bag.   (If you are scratching your head on the metaphor... Hermes is probably THE most expensive hand bag on the market...and are fairly hard to knock off.. so carrying around a fake one would be obvious to most people that you are a total poser.... just like me in the Stanford Swimming T-shirt.

So, there I am, the Tubby Triathlete  in the Cycle Fitness class, sweating my ass off, praying to gods of religions I don't subscribe to, just to make sure I have my bases covered, just  to get me through the half hour class.   I made it however (ok,.. I did stop once and fake an untied shoe so I could stop the burning in my feet.) thinking I'm doing fairly well, until I made the mistake of stealing a glance at the mirror in front of me.  First of all, no matter what the author of "Slow Fat Triathlete"  says... spandex is NOT your friend.  And watching the jiggles and the joggles as I huffed and puffed was enough to turn ME off from that cycle class.. I won't be surprised if I come in Friday and the mirrors are blacked out.

To backtrack for one second....has anyone else had an insane burning in their arches like I experienced?  The arches of my feet felt like they were on fire. I'm not sure if it's just poor muscle tone in my arches (if one can tone foot arches?) or because of the sunken nature of them.  I technically have inserts from the podiatrist that I'm supposed to be wearing (its just so hard to cram them plus my feet in gym shoes)  but perhaps I'll have to try that with the next class... as that could be the reason for the burn in the arches.

Anyhow, Cycle Fit... *thumbs up*  (albeit a sweaty, tired, half hearted thumbs up because that's as high as my arm can go right now)