Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blogging in my mind.. great distraction....and thats about it

So, I must admit, as I have been working out, I have a running commentary in my head of things that I could include in my blog. They sound great at the time...some of them even make me laugh (well as much "laughing" you can do when you are either a)under water or b)huffing and puffing )

Regardless, I'm sure if my brain were hooked up to some form of auto feed as I swam or biked or ran, you would laugh your pants off...or be VERY insulted by the never ending trail of expletives that I scream in my head as I sweat. Unfortunately, by the time I leave the gym and make it home I have already forgotten what things I was mulling over in this ole brain of mine.

For now... I guess I'll bore you with the small details.
It was a swim day. A great swim day might I add. I think it must have been the nuts that I ate before leaving work. Trader Joe's has these little individual size packets of nuts and berries (I forgot the name of them, and I'm not going to take the time and break my stream of consciousness to go into my kitchen to find out.) But, if you go in the nut aisle.. you will find them : big bag containing a bunch of little bags. Good stuff.

Anyhow- my swim...phenomenal. Currently, I can't lift my arms because I had a nice long intense set of backstroke/freestyle sprints with my paddles. Which by the way, I love paddles. Not only do they make you feel like you are really toning your arms, but they make you look really smooth and sleek in the water, plus you move really fast with them on. So, after leaving the pool and going back to the changing room.. I spent five ridiculous minutes trying to get my bra back on, because I could not reach around my back or lift my arms up because they were fairly tired, so the girls hung free on my way out. I am just the pinnacle of class aren't I?

Well, I came home and literally made a mad dash to the computer. I can't really remember what else I wanted to blog on (I'm sure whatever it was, was as prolific as this piece of prose has been) so, I'm going to peace out for the moment. Dinner still awaits and a bit of TV time.