Monday, March 7, 2011

Woman! Heal Thyself!

This virus that has made residence in my body is apparently that creepy relative that never gets the hint to leave a party.  Though I no longer feel like I have been hit by a Mac truck, chewed up by a T-Rex, Spit Out and then rolled flat with a bulldozer, I still have next to no voice, a hacking cough, stuffed nose, and get wiped out pretty easily.

Mr. Millie came down with the bug a week before I did- and though he's starting to feel better, he too still has the sniffly-coughy-wheezy portion of this bug as well.  

I was feeling better today (phone sex operator voice, stuffed nose and non-smokers -smoker cough not withstanding)  and though "Hmm, I certainly can't swim, but maybe I can at least try and get a mile or two walk in"

So, I rushed home, changed and hopped on the treadmill, only to jump off wheezing and lightheaded a few minutes later.  Boy I hope that this thing works its way through my system quickly.  Regardless of the fact that I leave for vacation next Friday-  I'm starting to fall dangerously behind on my triathlon training.  To the point that I'm starting to get worried.  

It's not like on vacation I'm going to be able to hard core train... even if I make use of the gym facilities every day- the fact that I'm "vacation" goes without saying its supposed to be time to unwind and recharge.  So balls out training every day doesn't exactly fit into the schedule.  

So, there go another 10 days.  -  which then puts me three and a half weeks behind.  I'm trying not to let the fear monsters set up camp in my brain- its far too early for fear monsters.  But I'm looking at the calendar and I come back from vacation and it's the last week of March already.  Leaving only April and May before the first Tri the 2nd week of june.  

I'm getting ahead of myself though, and allowing the neurotic control freak side of me take over the calm sensible side.  It will work out.

Since Ive been sick-  I'm behind on my days of Loving Myself.    So I'll wrap this up with Days 2-7

Day 2

I love my shoulders.  They are swimmers shoulders. Broad, and slowly becoming chiseled and sleek.  Every so often, my hand will run across my shoulder, when I'm scratching and itch or putting on a sweater, in my head I'll be like "damn, there's a muscle there!  Ooh!  There's another one! and the spend minutes flexing and unflexing checking out my muscles :)

 Day 3

I love being funny.  A lot of the time, I don't realize that Ive said something funny, until someone says "wow, that was funny"  But at other times, when I say something sarcastic or biting, or make a joke intentionally and people laugh - I totally get a charge like "really? You're laughing? You mean, I'm funny"  and it makes me want to do it again and again.

Day 4

I love being a plethora of useless information.  My friends call me the walking Google.  I read - a lot.  And a naturally inquisitive nature sends me off on research tangents frequently.  Example- I'm reading an article in a magazine that paints some celebrity as the modern day Imelda Marcos-  if I didn't already know who Imelda Marcos was, I'd go off and research who she was and why in fact a celebrities attitudes could be likened to her.  And then it gets stored in the many filing cabinets of seemingly useless information inside my head.  Perhaps it's a writer thing?  Storing interesting factoids and tidbits for future use in a novel or a story.  Whatever it is, I love knowing random factoids and producing them at any given moment.

 Day 5

 You know, this is a whole lot harder to do in one sitting :-/  coming up with all this stuff that I love about myself is really difficult.  I may have to stop at 5 and do 6,7,8 tomorrow.

This sort of fits in with fact number four, but I love the fact that I can hear a song once and remember it for always.  I seriously, can still sing my solo from my 3rd Grade Play.  Music has always been special to me, so I think that it gets stored in a different part of my brain than the rest of my memories.  And I love how there is always a song that perfectly fits a situation- be it a happy time, a sad time, a time that needs to be destressed or for reflection, there is always a song or lyric perfect for the occasion.

Alright- Im all loved out for the day.

I'll love myself some more tomorrow.  Man-   I don't know how I'm going to make it  to 30 days of this :)


Ragemichelle said...

This is awesome! Something we all need to do more of..that is for sure.

Wanda said...

I hope you feel better soon Millie!

Gym said...

Just came to your site by way of Skinny Emmie! Love your blog, btw. You've done a really great job, posting consistently is a real bonus, too!

Eeek I'm sorry you aren't feeling well! You've got a really bubly writing style, a lot like Emmie actually. Very uplifting. Keep up the great work!

The Tubby Triathlete said...

Thanks for the well wishes everyone! :) If nothing else its teaching me patience right? lol

Gym, you mentioned you found me via Emmie - she and I have become friends and I think its because we have such similar situations that we have bonded. Did she mention me in a post? I'm just wondering so I can thnak her properly!