Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Loving Myself 6-9

We all know I'm behind on giving myself the love.  This is seriously a whole lot harder than I thought it was going to be.  Maybe this is a sign of just how short I cut myself and am unable to appreciate myself.  Sitting here thinking about it, I am kind of mean to myself most of the time.  When I'm working out and I get tired, instead of saying "C'mon Millie, you can do it. Just one more- push"  It's "You're so weak. Look at you, can't even finish X  what makes you think you can do Y"

So, loving myself in this exercise is actually a helpful and good thing- if I could only find things to love myself for!  This is totally one of those times when you wish you could cheat off someone else-  and I'm totally not even going to lie, I just googled "Things To Love About Yourself"  to no avail.

I guess I'm stuck having to find things on my own that I love about myself.

Loving Myself 6

I love my laugh (as well as I love to laugh) -  as a kid, my mom and sister used to always make fun of my laugh.  There is nothing quiet or subtle about my laugh.  You will know I'm laughing from easily across the room, and perhaps from another room.  But that is the great thing about my laugh.  It's real. Its genuine.  It's a hearty, appreciative belly of a laugh.  Yeah, people laugh at my laughing, but so what is my laugh is laughable.  Laughter is after all the best medicine is it not?

Loving Myself 7 

I love my singing.  And I mean this in the functionality of a singing voice- not a "oh wow, look at me I have such a great voice" way.  I love that after a bad day, I can roll up my windows, turn my stereo up on my drive home, and belt away.  Singing opens up a special door in my heart and soul, and the emotions pour out - happy emotions, sad emotions,  instead of tears, its words and songs, and the world melts away and I feel better.  And it's just me, and my car stereo, and some Indigo Girls, or some Dixie Chicks, a little Madonna or maybe some old school Dolly Parton... perhaps a hair band, or some Glee-  regardless of what it is or what the mood is, my ability to sing (hey some people can't sing to save their lives)  with a strong voice (even if it's just for me, or tucked safely within a choir) is my favorite outlet.

Loving Myself 8 

I love my hair.  I have great hair.  I always have.  I'm actually thoroughly blessed to have such awesome hair.  Of my siblings and I, I definitely swam in the deep end of the hair gene pool.  While they were both blessed to be natural blond beauties, they both have very thin very baby fine hair.  I have a whole mess of hair.  I have enough hair for two people.  When I sit down in a hairdressers chair, they fawn over how much hair I have.  And it's great hair.  It styles easily (though, it is sort of temperamental -  it doesn't appreciate being blown dry, or curled too often, and it only likes very specific brands of products- if I stray from them, my hair and I are in a fight)  it grows fairly quickly, and naturally I have great color (though recently those nasty little buggers the gray hairs have started showing up!-  so I've been dying it  more out of vain "necessity" than because I had a snap desire to be red, black, highlighted, etc) 

I've also been fortunate enough to have been able to grow and donate my hair to Locks of Love Four times.  So I imagine there are little girls - or grown women- all over the place who are enjoying my great hair.

Loving Myself 9 

I love my eyes.  Ive always thought (aside from the hair)  that they were my best feature.  They are hazel-  though in more recent years they have gone the way of jade/emerald green.  When I'm tired or really made they become crazy intense green, and people ask me if I'm wearing contacts.  They do change color occasionally.  When I was younger, they would change with the seasons.  Now their changing is sporadic- and mainly stays in the green color family- with the occasional slate gray in the dead of winter.  But, my eyes- neato - and that's why I love them.