Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Flo- Rida

Harry Potter Ride- Universal Orlando
Photo Credit by Yours Truly :)
Ok, if you don't watch "Outsourced"  you will most likely be scratching your head at the title of the blog.  No, I'm not talking about the Rap guy... the topic of tonights blog:  My vacation.

So, as Ive already said-  I love the sun, the sun does not like me.  Seriously, Im the love child of Casper the Friendly Ghost, and a Cullen- I'm sure of it.   If the circus freakshows of yesteryear were still around, in my current state I could probably be a headliner in their shows.  I could be "Lobster/Lizard Girl" or "The Human Boil" -  sun poisoning-  all over my body.  I was in 100 proof sunblock too.  I just learned today though that apparently anti-biotics reduce the effectiveness of sunscreen- and as you know I have been sick and though my Zpack technically was "finished"  it stays in your body up to two weeks after you take it.  Good to know.  I guess that explains why I could probably get a job at Disney World right now as Sebastian the Lobster for the Little Mermaid exhibit.

We didn't actually do Disney though.  Being a Harry Potter fan, we decided this trip was ALL about Universal Studios.  Now before I had gone down, I had read on a lot of websites- and actually I follow this guys blog as well Banks Lee & Three Clicks-  and I knew already going down that I wouldn't be able to ride on the Harry Potter ride.  However, after reading up on a lot of the other rides, people who posted heavier weights and larger sizes than I am, said that they were able to ride the rest of the rides with "no problem"  so I figured Id be o.k. too.  Yeah-  not the case.  Our first day at Universal, my husband and I went on the Mummy ride.  Now there is a coaster outside of the ride that you can test to make sure that you "fit".  I tested it-  sat in it, and pulled the lap bar down no problem.  So I thought "oh thank goodness I won't have to be embarrassed for the entire day"    So we stand in line for the ride, get to the front of the line, sit in our row, I pull the lap bar down with no problem, when the teenager inspecting our belts raises his hand up just as he gets to me.  I'm thinking- what is he raising his hand for?  My lap belt is down, I'm in here just fine.  He informs me that the lap bar needs to engage 3 times to ride- mine had only engaged 2 clicks- not 3.  I was told that I couldn't ride the ride unless it clicked 3 times.
Well. I carry all my weight in my gut.  The lap bar wouldn't go to the damn third click- so shamefacedly I had to get off the ride.

As I was getting off, I had the worst urge to explain to the kid "You know, I've completed 2 Triathlons....  and I've lost 65 pounds already"  but I realized the kid doesn't care.  He just wants to punch in his time and move along.  There was a guy who was in the row behind- much, much heavier than I am, that was able to ride the ride by lifting up his roll, and placing it over the lap bar.  I guess, men, with beer guts can do that-  women however, have different anatomies (lol clearly) so "lifting up" doesn't quite work when it blends into your lower abdomen also.

I tried not to let it get me down, and kept telling myself how far Ive come- but the sad fact is that I am still a tub-  and according to the "safety standards" of most roller coaster companies- that means I am not eligible to ride most roller coasters now a days.  I knew going into it that Universal in general is very fat-unfriendly, so I shouldn't really be all that disappointed.  But, it just continues to highlight how much of life I am missing out on by being heavy.

I will make it back there, eventually, to ride the Harry Potter ride.  If Banks Lee worked hard enough to get to  three clicks-  I can, you can, we all can.

Until then, I just have to remind myself, that just because there was a setback in my journey and a knock to my ego- doesn't negate the hundreds of other positive strides that I have made.

While I was on vacation I realized that I have sorely neglected my "Loving Myself" exercises.  At this point, the month is almost over-  so I'm going to reset and start again on April 1st.

Have there been times in your own weight loss journey when all your positive strides seemed overshadowed by a setback?  How did you handle it?