Friday, March 11, 2011

Things and Things and More Things!

Photo Courtesy of Results Health & Fitness 
I'm sure Ive discussed this before (or maybe I just posted about this on Facebook)  I finally decided on a trainer.  He's a personal trainer through my gym.  And, the butt kicking starts in the morning.  How strange is it that I feel like a kid on Christmas?  I honestly can not wait for tomorrow morning.  I'm so excited to take another step in my journey.  Tomorrow (Saturday) bright and early, I will be walking into that gym and working my butt off.

Well, in all honesty I don't know how much kicking of my butt he'll be doing on the first meeting.  I'm sure they'll be a whole lot of how'do ya do and such.  But hopefully he'll at least get to kick my butt at least a tiny bit.  The real pain will most likely start when I come back from vacation, but regardless-  the page on the next chapter has turned and I'm excitedly heading straight into it!

I can't wait  :)

Oh and I forgot, I need to love myself some more:

Loving Myself 10

I love that I am now able to appreciate workouts as a step taken in the journey to create a me that I love.  

Loving Myself 11 

I love that slowly but surely, I am replacing fear and trepidition with excitement and anticipation.  The old me would be dreading tomorrow, afraid of what would happen, afraid of the unknown, afraid of the work that would be required of me, and knowing how hard it is going to be - being afraid of looking weak.  But the new me says "Hell yeah-  BRING IT"