Thursday, March 31, 2011

Reef Flip Flops

I forgot to add in my post yesterday about my vacation, to talk about something else.

So,  a few years back, I went to Florida with some friends.  And at that time, I wore these Nike Sandals that sort of look like TEVA Sandals.  They were super comfortable and allowed me to walk around the parks for hours and hours and never got one blister or even felt the slightest bit of pain in my feet.  Those are the sandals that I packed in my suitcase with me this trip for the parks.

Well, apparently with all the lost weight, my feet have shrunk. The sandals were too big.  And of course, being on vacation at Disney World, it's not like I could pop over to the nearest store and find a new pair of shoes.  So, I soldiered through with the Nike Sandals.  I thought I'd be fine wearing them until the 90 degree heat made my feet sweat.  Once my feet started sweating. my feet slipped around in those shoes like ice cream on a hot spoon.  Resulting in some of the largest and nastiest blisters on my arches I have ever seen or experienced.

By the end of the first day at the park  I was in tears the pain was so bad.  We left Universal and outside in the City Walk was some kind of store that had a sign that said "Try our flip flops- The Most Comfortable shoe you'll ever own"  At that point I didn't care how comfortable it was, I just needed to get something else on my feet other than the too big Nike Sandals that were rubbing my arches incessantly.

The Reef Flip Flops were $21.95 at this shop on the City Walk.  I have no idea if that is the average price or the "You Stupid Tourists" - Price Gouge that is synonymous Orlando Florida.  I bought them and even while standing in line to pay for the I was already removing my sandals.

They are no lying, the most  comfortable flip flopI have ever owned.  I own a pair of Croc Flip Flops (which, I still swear by as your go to flip flop for the pool-  and they are still my 2nd favorite pair of flip flops behind these new ones)  but these Reef Flip Flops are even more comfortable than those.

It is like walking on a cloud especially designed for my foot.  I don't think I will ever go back to wearing any other flip flop other than these Reef ones.  They have a website with dozens of other styles which I have only had a chance to peruse briefly, but seriously.  Check them out.  I wore them for the rest of my vacation and did not have another problem with my feet.

Their website is

I *think* mine are the Reef Sweetwater-  but I'm not 100% sure because mine are black and Teal and I don't see anything on their website that are those colors (which its possible I paid premium price for last years shoe- in Orlando, it wouldn't surprise me)

Here's what mine look like- if someone knows which line they are.  I'm sure you can tell that I literally wore them all week-  they need to be washed lol.

Have you ever owned a pair of Reef Flip Flops?  Do you agree they are fab?  Or-  what is your go-to shoe that you just can not live without?


Kandi said...

Reef's are the best. I've been wearing them for years. I've always found the best selection at Nordstrom.

Meredith said...

I bought my first pair when I lived in Hawaii. I don't wear any other kind of flip flop. It's practically all you see there. I've heard Haviana's are also good, but I like Reef's fabric thong, and the Havi's I've seen have a plastic thong.