Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cleaning is Exercise, Right?

I have yet to get to the gym this week. Sunday was just a crazy kind of run-around day.. followed by a kick off week of snow. Well, the anticipation of snow- and I'm totally kicking myself for being so dumb. Monday all during the day they kept calling for it snow snow snow its coming! its coming! Like Revere warning of the redcoats. So, panicked I decide its probably best I head straight home because I don't want to get caught in this oncoming blizzard. Of course, it didnt even start until the overnight hours. Goodbye Monday workout. Today the "snow event" finally arrived, and we actually were sent home early so that we would't have to sit in hours of rush hour/ snow induced traffic ... and, had I thought about it I could have stopped on my way home since it was in the middle of the day- but it was snowing and we were sent HOME early not sent to go work out.
Strike two. I could have worked on the treadmill, but there was shoveling to do and we have a mattress getting delivered on Friday and between schoolwork and such our bedroom has sort of become the "Oh crap! Company!" dumping ground.

And so there is no way that furniture people are going to be able to maneuver a new king sized mattress around all the crap that is in my room. We have so much "stuff" its insane. I have all of these gift cards from Birthdays, Christmas, etc. that I haven't spent yet- and mainly its because we already have so much STUFF i figure why on earth do I need more stuff? What I really need is to take a week off, hire a professional organizer (if they exist) and have her go through my house with me room by room and make it more organized, functional, and clutter free. Oh Oprah- too bad we're not besties- I'm sure you have someone in your file-o-fax of contacts that could do all this for me.

Anyhow, between lifting laundry baskets back and forth from Laundry room to bedroom over and over again, cleaning, hanging, bending folding etc... surely there has to be some form of legitmate muscle building involved right? :)

Im praying for a snow day tomorrow (not likely) but it would be the answer to all of my woes. I would have time to work out on my treadmill, do my laundry, and finish up on this weeks homework.

One can hope right?

Also I found out that the knee problem I have actually has a name... its called Patellar Dislocation and Patellar Instability- both of which I found knee braces for thanks to some suggestions on BT. I'm planning on buying them tonight which will make me much more confident in my runs (errrr-walks)

That's it for now....

snow day. pretty please, with sugar on top.