Thursday, February 4, 2010

Officially Out

So, I'm not a big "hey look at me, look at what I'm doing" kind of person. I rarely ask for help, in fact as Ive said before it KILLS me to have to ask for assistance of any kind- even emotional support.

But, I decided that the more people I have to keep me on track, the more likely I am to stick to my training and achieve success come race day. So- I did it. I made it official, I posted it on Facebook :) You know that Nothing is official until you have read it on Facebook.

Spin class once again, FULL! This is bogus, might I add. I guess Im just going to have to keep riding the stationary bike until the weather gets nicer and then hookup with a bike riding club or something. Or just hope that some of the New Years Resolvers start dropping off so the gym isnt so packed. Class started at six oclock. I get to the gyn roughly around 5:15 and am changed and upstairs by I'd say 5:25 so a full half hour early and they were already telling people that they had already run out of bikes. Thirty minutes prior. How stinky!

Instead, since today was a run day anyway, I did some treadmill time. I had posted a question on the triathlon site about what times/distances I should be shooting for as goals to be training for. I actually had just wanted to know if 10.89 miles in thirty minutes was too slow. I guess it wasn't because the responses I got were "there is no way if you are doing 10.89 on the bike and 1200 on the swim that you would only be doing a 3.0 on the treadmill"

Well, unfortunately I am a huffy puffy tubby so yes, 3.0 is my comfort speed- 3.5 is heavy breathing, 4.0 is downright huffy puffy territory. And, it must be the way I walk, because even on the super hi tech treadmills they have at the gym, the belt (?) for lack of a better word (the spinny thing you walk on) catches every five or so steps like its folding up under my foot, trips me and causes me to have to check my balance, and today it caught so bad I though my knee was going to give out. Hopefully it will be different when I can actually run (ha, lets be serious- walk ... maybe a brisk walk) on solid ground. I'm hoping for an early spring. I think this is the first time in who knows how long that Im hoping for an early thaw not because I'm sick of scraping snow and ice off my car, but because Im anxious to log some outside time.