Thursday, February 16, 2012

We Can Work It Out- A Letter to Running On the 2nd Day

Dear Running,

Did you think that you had gotten rid of me that easy?  I know we were supposed to meet Wednesday and not today, however the day got away from me yesterday.  Our meeting today went well don't you think?  I have to apologize however, for professing that I have "made you my bitch" on my Facebook wall.  This isn't about a power struggle.  We're supposed to be working together, and I know that now.    I wouldn't like it if you danced in my face and proclaimed you had done that to me, it was a mistake and I'm sorry..  I blame the endorphins ...  and the fact that I was able to keep going and push through even though you tried to foil my attempts.  Resetting the count clock on my Phone's 5K App everytime my phone went into "sleep" mode was sneaky-  but I came through, even doing five more total minutes of "running" than I was supposed to do because of it.  Also, shutting off the counter on my machine because I would occasionally stop all together to take a drink of water, thereby being unable to gauge how many miles I had gone ( I think I may have hit a mile and a half, and possibly two miles)  but I wont ever know because it timed out and then turned itself off.  Even with all of those things though, running, we still managed to stick together and work it out today.  Day Two of Two, and we're still on speaking terms.  That's a good thing!

Until Saturday,