Monday, February 13, 2012

C2K Week 1: Day 1

Image Courtesy of Howard Payne

Dear Running,

Now that wasn't so bad was it?  I mean, yeah, we can only tolerate each other in one minute intervals, coupled between one and a half minute walking segments, but we did it, right?  We managed to stick together for a whole thirty minutes.  Okay, so maybe there were a few times where I wogged and a couple times where I flat out walked, but really lets stay positive.  Thirty minutes was a good length of time for our first meeting, because we're still trying to feel each other out.  And, you managed to stay friends with my knees too-  at this moment they are still feeling pretty okay.  Perhaps later tonight when I come down off the endorphin high I'll be singing a different tune, but as of right now I'd say High Five Running on our first achievement.

Until Wednesday,


C25K Day 1:

5 Min Warm Up- Walking
20 Minutes of Walk/Run intervals:  1:30 walk/1:00 Run
5 Minutes of Cool Down Walking