Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dear Running... Don't Talk To Me...'Kay?

Dear Running,

Well, I guess the honeymoon period is over.  We sailed along fairly well last week.... until you started to make my thighs hurt, and my ass hurt, and my feet hurt.  Oh yeah, and my back too.  You really aren't very nice.  What happened to the whole slow and steady thing? What happened to the whole if you ease into it, you'll be pain free?  Well guess what running... I do not like you.  I hurt. Everywhere.  Maybe one day I won't feel like this after a run, but right now OH Boy!  And we're only in week two. Imagine how much more my distaste for you will grow as we move into having to spend more and more time together.  You better hope things start to get better, running, because right now we are seriously in a FIGHT with a capital F.  And I mean it!   I'll reluctantly see you again on Friday running, but don't think I enjoy spending all this time with you.


KLA said...

Ha ha ha. I feel the same way. It'll start to feel better. (I think...)