Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Passive Agressive Body Media Monitor

Since Im trying to be friends with running recently, and Im watching what I eat- staying away from sugars etc, I figured I would really put my all into utilizing my Body Media Fit.  I pay for the service every month, but I haven't been logging in to track my activity or log my meals in months.  So, that has changed.  The body monitoring bug was more frustrating than helpful for me in the past because it's not water proof, and I would then lose all of that monitoring every morning in the pool.  It still isn't the greatest.  I forget to wear it a lot of the time (you have to take it off once a day for "off body time" and to charge it.. and thats typically whenI forget to put it back on, so the numbers are never right.  In addition, I think mine is getting a bit old as it takes a while of wearing it before it will beep to let me know its ready and active.  Which, lovely considering Ive only had it for a year.

Anyhow, a lot of stuff has changed on their website since the last time I used it.  There is new software to install directly onto the computer now.  It loads in all its information and suddenly a CONGRATULATIONS comes across the top corner of my screen.  I click on it and it reads " you reached a new goal....  16 hours and 07 mintutes of ....  you ready for it... no really....


Seriously?  #1 Im awarded for lying down? I thought this thing is supposed to be encouraging movement
#2 There is no way I lied down for 16 hours.  No way.  Sat down? Yes (not for 16 hours but at a desk for most of the day, yes)  #3. Way to be passive aggressive body media monitor.  Instead of saying "Hey you lazy slob get off your ass"  you instead shame us with gratuitous congratulations for such preposterous actions as "lying down"?

Oy. Vey.

And, there is NO.WAY.  I laid down for 16 hours....  seriously.  So you don't think Im pulling your leg... here is my "congratulations"  for my new "personal best"  Ohh yeah, I can hear the thunderous applause at my glowing achievement now!