Friday, October 14, 2011

Because I have @Klout- The Clymb @theclymb

So, another awesome thing I got to try recently, is a private shopping network called "The Clymb".  It is similar to a lot of other flash sale websites that have great deals on items for short periods of time.  This one those is specifically for outdoor brands, and stuff for hiking, running, working out, etc.  The discounts are undoubtedly awesome!  Even after I made my purchase, the emails I get for the daily "ascents" still offer great, great things-  like Teva sandals, Slumberjack Tents, O'neill Sunglasses, Sigg Waterbottles and so many other awesome things that I've forgotten and don't want to try to summarize for fear of misrepresenting what's there.  But every day there is new merchandise.

Since they don't carry clothes for us big girls, I was relegated to the accessory aisle and decided on these super cute sunglasses from O'Neill

I received them last week, and so far I'm loving them!

The only complaints that I have for the site:

#1  There are no offerings for plus size apparel, and there are no plans for future offerings of plus size apparel.  So this is strictly a skinny girls dream (as far as clothing goes)

#2  Their customer service department response time is reaaaallllly laboriously s.l.o.w.  Emails really should be replied to within 48 hours, ideally within 24... their customer service for each of my 3 inquiries took almost a week.

#3  Their merchandise is not on site- it's shipped from the suppliers, so it will take a while for your merchandise to arrive-  expect at least 7 days, but plan for about 13-15 days.

Other than that though-  the deals really do outweigh the few complaints that I had with the site.  So, here's the lowdown on The Clymb

Each brand’s product is available for 3 days only or until it’s sold out. Membership is free and by invite only. So, I am providing a link for anyone who would like to try them.

I was given a free product or sample because I'm a Klout influencer. I was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.  Klout, like myself, endorses Blog With Integrity 


Nina said...


In the future, feel free to reach out via Facebook or Twitter with your customer service needs. We can help you a bit quicker on most matters. Also, you can email me at with any questions.

Thanks for giving us a try and for the write up.