Thursday, September 15, 2011

Meredith Vs Millie Workout Challenge

So-  I have decided to dub this the "Put On Your Big Girl Panties" Challenge.  Mainly because Meredith's Ante Up Jar Pictured Below-  says "Suck It Up: Time to Put the Big Girl Panties On"

My Ante up jar is less impressive (but it is pretty blue) But I have yet to decorate it-  its in my "to do" list.
Just to briefly review our "Big Girl Panties" Workout Challenge.  We are competing until the end of the year.  We set a "goal" number of hours spent working out (100)  and Meredith designed a google doc to count us down from there.  At the 1st Check in - August 30th  - we had to have 7 hours on the books
Our 2nd check in, we had to have 19 Total hours on the books.  By the 30th we will need to have 31 total hours on the books  and so on and so forth.

So -  Here is where we stand as of now:

1st Checkin-  we both put in $25 because neither of us made it to the first goal
2nd Check-in -  As of RIGHT NOW-  I am at 81 workout hours left to the end of the challenge  ( I had to "Purchase" the 3.5 deficit that I was not able to get in)  and Meredith is at 81 as well -  hers are actual clocked hours- because well, she rocks  and I well- suck.
So, tomorrow starts day one of the third check- in period.  I have until September 30th to get in 12 Hours of Workout Time.  This period we're a bit luckier than previous because there are exactly fifteen days from period to period.  So we have fifteen days to do 12 hours of working out.  Hopefully- this is where I pull ahead of her. :-D
The person with higher total hours worked out at the end of the four months foots the bill for a spa day in January.
And I don't like losing.  And, for the record- neither does she.  So this will be a hard fought down to the wire competition.
I feel a bit guilty because I have a web of support through my blog, twitter and facebook page for people to keep me in line... but seriously I need it!  Especially with everything else on my plate, it is SO easy to just say "Eh, I'll do it "tomorrow"... which is what has me  in the hole in regards to the ante up jar.
So far-  we each put $ 25 bucks in the first time.  Then, I just bought the 3.5 hours that I was short- resulting in another $17.50.
I have realized that I need to have a plan.  Im good with plans.... and schedules.  With plans and schedules I can stay on task.  As much as I hate walking on treadmills (as opposed to walking outside)  I'm going to have to start leaning heavily on the Treadmill to squeeze workouts in after work and before starting on homework.  Perhaps-  if a few days a week I can eek out a double workout-  I can surge ahead  muuhahaha.   Of course, since Meredith reads my blog daily, she knows my plans! Argh- foiled!
We shall see!  As I said- November is a big month for me.  So thats roughly two months away.  Must.get.sweating.