Monday, September 5, 2011

Better Late Than Never!

Yikes!  So- I guess it's been a while (again).  I feel so guilty. Its been so long since Ive written.  I stink- I know.  So, I think this is going to have to be a bullet pointed list of updates, as there are so many!

Update on the Friendly Competition with Meredith:
We had our first "Check-In" on August 31st.  We both fell short (only by a few hours) of our first exercise goals - so both of us had to throw $25 in the Ante Up jar (mine is purchased, just not yet decorated- soon I promise)    Since the first ante up, we are both doing a much better job of staying on track with our exercising, and there is only about a 45 minute (I am not the one in the lead- CURSES!) difference between the two of us.  I blame my classes- for realz.

Two of my three classes this semester, while online, require "virtual classroom" time.  In which, I am seated in front of my computer for three hours, with headphones and a microphone, participating virtually in a classroom.  Not only does this make it difficult to exercise (fear not, every thirty minutes I do some work with my balance ball and/or Kettle ball)  but it is also a LOT of sitting between work as a desk-jockey  and then running home (I fully expect to be complaining of a speeding ticket by the end of the term) to make it into my virtual classroom by 6.

This also makes it hard to stay on the ball with eating- since I walk into my house, let my dogs out, use the restroom and have to then log online to my class-  no time to cook a dinner.  After two weeks of this crazy schedule- I have finally gotten into a rhythm I think.  The first week I have to admit, the drive thru was my friend on both nights (bad Millie- I know)  Thankfully now, I have a lot of stuff in my fridge that I can just grab and bring into my office with me - egg salad, cheese, yogurt etc.  Though not a "dinner" by traditional standards, it is enough to keep me satiated.

As far as my 5K in October goes, unfortunately I have to pull out of the commitment.  It looks like that is a weekend my husband and I are going to be out of town.  Blah.

Brutus and I will not be working out this coming weekend- hes going to be an extra in Superman -how cool-  so I will need to find something else to do on Saturday morning to get my workout in.

The plan is to start swimming again in the mornings this week.  Tomorrow will definitely be a no go, since as I type this, I am neglecting homework that is due by midnight.  So, its going to be down to the wire to get that in.  Stinkin holidays- great that I didn't have to work, but unfortunately this weekend was also a black hole for shirking my educational pursuits.  -  It was Papa Millie's birthday, so one day went to spending time with the fam.  And of course, today was spent running the usual errands, groceries etc.

I had so much else to say, but I have already forgotten it.  :(

I still have to get up my sisters post about her leg of our Triathlon- though since we competed almost a month ago, I guess it's kind of moot now. But it will go up (sometime soon I hope)

I also have a new Motivational Monday poster, Margaret-  who will be posted shortly as well.  - though technically today *is* Monday already, the stinkin Holiday threw me off.

I also have had the privilege of sampling some new products - so there will be some reviews up in the coming days as well  :)  Yay for product samples!

Alright, I should get back to my homework.  :)


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