Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Millie Who?

Where Have You Been

Ok, Ok- its been a while.. ok- a long while... like over a month.  MY BAD.  Seriously.  Life unfortunately has pretty much gotten in the way of everything.  And I don't know what idiot decides to take an almost full load of classes (in a condensed 8 week format), whilst working full time - because what happens is, you drown.  And that's what happened to me.  I have been drowning for weeks now.  Thankfully two of my three classes have ended- HALLELUJAH- and the last one ends next week.

I'm back in the pool  - woot woot-  as Papa Millie has reminded me that we have a triathlon in um, three weeks- major eep.

I downgraded my participation to just 1 relay leg (Swimming)  originally I had intended on doing the whole thing while still doing the swimming leg of the relay group- but since Ive been drowning for the past six weeks my workouts went out the window.

Brutus has settled into his new gym so the plan is to start up with two - a - weeks either this week (at least one meeting for sure)  or next week -  so I can no holds barred work my ever living tail off for the next three ish weeks until the Tri.  Obviously I'll be working out past the tri as well, but that is what I need to prepare for now.

I did a mile this morning in roughly 45 minutes.  Which paces me at about twelve ish minutes for the relay distance.  - not fast enough-  but if I stick to pool time every day I can shave three minutes off my swim before raceday.

So for now, that's about it.  Sorry Ive been M.I.A.  -  why I constantly do this to myself I have no idea!