Monday, June 13, 2011

Don't Be Intimidated!

The Show Me Your Guns challenge has reached its halfway point. From the responses I have gotten back, were a few that discussed still being intimidated at the gym.  And not necessarily intimidated to use the equipment, but intimidated by the gym rats that work out there.

Ok-  If you walk into the gym and see Mr Muscle Men working out, spitting on the floor, flexing their pecs or just in general acting like muscle men-  just remember.  YOU pay dues to that gym too!

HE is NO BETTER than you are.  Just because he's all buff and toned and tan doesn't mean he is any better of a person than you are.  Everyone, INCLUDING YOU has a right to that equipment.  So don;'t let their impatience, huffing and puffing, or in general holier than thou attitudes scare you off.

If you still feel leery about using the equipment when they are around, then perhaps until you get used to your routine, try going at an off hour.  I know what you're going to say, because I use the same excuse "But the gym is on my way to/from work-  and THAT is when I work out... once I'm home I don't WANT to go back to the gym"  trust me.  I know.  Either immediately before work, or immediately after work are the only two times I can work out either.  Because if I get home and plop myself on that couch I will find every excuse in the book to not get back up and out the door again.

However, until you feel comfortable in your surroundings and have done these workouts enough times that you could change the weights on the machines in your sleep-  it may help you be less intimidated if you try going at an off hour (like 8:00pm)

If you are still a bit intimidated-  go to the front desk and ask if someone can walk you through how to use the machines (most gyms offer a familiarization to the equipment for free)-  and if you are still unsure, it might be a good idea to hire a trainer.  Even if its only for one time... it might be worth it to have someone holding your hand and cheering you along as you do it.

No matter what though-  that muscle man who is giving you the stink eye, does not hold your happiness in his attitude.  YOU are there for YOU.  And if Mr Macho man can't handle it.... TOUGH.