Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Time Keeps Slipping Away

Wow, I can't believe it's almost been a complete month since the last time that I posted. Once school starts, the rest of my life flies past at warp speed. :(

Not much new to report sadly. I still suck at running- though I'm including Elliptical workouts on off days (well, I use that loosely because as of today I "used" the Elliptical for a week like 2 weeks ago.. last week I fell completely off the wagon and by completely off the wagon I mean, no run club, no working out (AT ALL) -and- I had Taco Bell for dinner last Wednesday night. Had this been a literal wagon, I'd be covered in bumps, scrapes and bruises. Why is it so hard to stay on that damn thing anyway (I'm still referring to the hypothetical wagon) seriously, I need a seat belt, or some tape, or Velcro. Apparently, I must have something against said wagon, or else it would be much easier to stay on it.

When I was using the elliptical it was helping (at least I think). The second I would step on the thing I'd sweat like a menopausal woman in the midst of a hot flash, in Arizona, at the height of summer, so it had to have been working. Granted, even on the elliptical machine, this huffy puffer couldn't complete a mile in less than 20 minutes, but I think if nothing else it helped my form. I'm still not a gazelle, and I'm still a huffy puffer, but every once in a while, I can feel my inner Nigerian trying to break out.

It still sucks though- running that is. I loathe running almost as much as I loathe the hypothetical wagon I keep falling off of. I'm sure, eventually running will (hopefully) get easier, and then perhaps I wont hate it so much... but right now, Running and I are not on speaking terms.

The other thing that has spun totally out of control are my husband and my eating habits. They aren't bad, as in "I run to McDonalds every day and order a super sized meal" bad... but we are not on a schedule, its pretty much every man for themselves because our schedules have become so bipolar. He works late or is at school, I'm at the gym or at school, or at home but pressed for time because of studying- so neither of us ever have time to cook. So our dinners usually involve a sandwich, a microwave meal, or a frozen Pizza (Whole Grain from Kashi) but a frozen pizza nonetheless.

So, inspired by my older sisters amazing blog (if you haven't checked it out, you should www.plantfoodfabulous.com ) I have decided to buckle down and make some plans this weekend.

My intention :

Find easy, fairly cheap (I'm not kidding a lot of these vegetarian recipes, you have to take a 2nd out on the house just to pay the grocery bill), appropriately proportioned (I am a germaphobe and am physically incapable of eating leftovers) healthy and satisfying vegetarian dinners.

I have subscriptions to both Vegetarian Times as well as Eating Well Magazine, so if I plan out my meals and grocery shop accordingly- perhaps we can actually start eating normal meals instead of pizza and freezer food.

So- that will be coming up next week. Don't expect anything half as detailed as my sisters recipes, as a Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray I am not... but I'm sure I can figure out my way around my kitchen enough to make something fairly decent for dinner.

That's about it for now peeps- I'm once again up to my elbows in homework...and my frozen pizza (today is actually targets version of the Kashi Mediterranean pizza) is almost done.

~Millie :)