Monday, October 18, 2010

The Best Laid Plans....

Well, after a crazy fun weekend spent with the Fighting Irish in South Bend... we arrived back home to the realization that our weekend of freedom came with a price- and we both find ourselves buried under the mountain of homework that we neglected all weekend. Which, word to the wise, if you're ever in South Bend and the sun comes out to bring a surprising heat wave to a fall afternoon, shop the perimeter whilst in Hammes Bookstore. I literally was trampled by two very determined men who made a bee-line for the $10 Game Day Tshirts. In this process of said bee-line, they trampled directly across my foot, and seriously I think they broke my toes. Just two of them, but still, toes for the most part are necessary to propel oneself forward.
Damn toes.

So, on the way home today, in place of running I went grocery shopping. Sure, there's only 3 weeks until the 5K but seriously, the toes are a cryin'. Tomorrow should be interesting... especially since a. I missed Saturday due to said Notre Dame game. b. we have descended from slightly torturous to full on satanic workouts in which by the time we are done I am red in the face and soaked with sweat. This 5K is going to fun with a capital F!

As promised, I planned out my weeks worth of dinners, wrote my list and shopped for non-pizza food. Here is my list of dinners for the week. Considering it's the first week of attempting this, and i have a new class that starts on Wednesday I am falling back on some staples instead of making a foray into my "Vegetarian Times Cookbook" and "The Thirty Minute Vegetarian" So- dinners for the week

Califlower Pasta
Black Bean Enchiladas
Mushroom Barley Soup
Vegetarian Chili
and since Wenesday neither of us will be here.. I have some Q'orn Chik'n patties that I will be chopping up and making a Low Fat Chicken Salad sandwich.

I come home and lo and behold my husband beat me home (he usually doesn't make it home until at least 8:00 of late and on nights he has class he isn't home until 11)

So for him to be home by 6:30 was a nice surprise...and of course he decided to "be nice" and "Pick up dinner" (read high sodium unhealthy Chinese food.)

So, tonight is Vegetable Lo Mein.... the rest of the week is my healthy plans.

And, a plan still needs to be figured out for working out and finding time for that. I'm pretty sure that if you look back in last October's blogs, I pretty much said the exact same things "oh I dont have time I don't have time" and I literally have no time.. but just as last year, come November Im sure the noose will loosen.