Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hollywoods Definition of Beauty

We bid adieu to awards season this past weekend.  It is, my favorite time of the year.  I have to say however, that I am so excited to see mainstream designers now working with plus sized actresses for their red carpet moment.    And when I say designers, I mean- the heavy hitters.  The ones whose names you hear being dropped from the super skinny actresses as they strut down the carpet.  Names like Bagdley Mishka, Marina Renaldi and Tadashi Shoji.

Nikki Blonsky in a dress from IGIGI

If you remember back to 2008 when Nikki Blonsky was nominated for her role in "Hairspray"  the award season Red Carpets were essentially a fat free zone.  I still cringe thinking about poor Nikki having to discuss (repeatedly, as I believe she wore them through the whole season)  that she was wearing "IGIGI"  -  not that there is anything wrong with IGIGI  I have worn them often to weddings and special events-  but thats the point  *I*  Have worn them.  Me-  with my normal, non celebrity paycheck.  The Oscars (and all the other award shows)  are something special for these actresses.  Something that they dream about from the time they decide that they want to be actors.  EVERYONE, regardless of size, should be catered to in the same manner.  A plus sized gal shouldn't have to (like Nikki Blonsky did)  purchase a dress off the rack, that every other plus sized woman out there has either worn or seen.

And Finally *FINALLY*  designers are seeing the light!  They have decided *HALLELUJAH* that "you know what,  those big girl deserve to be princesses for the day as well."  -Sound the  trumpets-!

And look at the beautiful dresses that the plus sized gals came out in this year

Melissa McCarthy in Bagdley Mishka

Melissa McCarthy in Marina Renaldi 

Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji

Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji 
And, who can forget Gabourey Sidibe and Mo'Nique last year at the Oscars 

In Marchesa 

Mo'Nique in Tadashi Shoji

So BRAVO to the fashion industry for FINALLY allowing the plus sized girls a moment to sparkle as well.  If you could see me, I'd give you a standing ovation for finally cracking open that mold, tossing it aside, and realizing that BEAUTY  and TALENT  are SIZELESS.