Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hello.... Is It Me You're Looking For....

And so I'm back, from outer space!

Ok, so maybe I'm just back from Mexico, but it certainly feels like Ive been forever gone. Mexico was gorgeous. Hot, but gorgeous. A very welcome week of relaxation. We were so relaxed in fact, that when we returned to the Cancun airport for the flight back home, we apparently forgot that we were in Mexico, and somehow either from the table side guacamole we ordered at the airport restaurant, or our drinks, contracted a Parasite. Lovely, I know. So we arrived back home with more than just our purchased souveniers. Hence why a one week vacation has turned into a two week hiatus from my blogging (and who am I kidding from my exercising, training, dieting, weight watchers, and well anything else that was keeping me on a healthy track). But, fear not.. the inability to eat for the past week has afforded me a ten pound weight loss. Woohoo! I need to contract intestinal parasites more often. Kidding, totally kidding. I'm sure now that I can stomach solid food again that ten pounds will vanish faster than the sweet table at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting.

Anyhow, other than just a "yep I'm alive" check in. I did also want to let everyone know that in the "off season" I don't plan to just lay around and well get lazy again. I was serious about my off season goals. I joined a running club through my local running store. It is a walk to run club, on Tuesdays and Saturdays. By November, I *should* be able to run a 5K thats my hope anyhow. I have also decided NOT to allow myself to rest on my laurels. The Walk to Run program automatically comes with an entrance into the Turkey Trot- which I may or may not be able to attend given its Thanksgiving Morning. But I have signed up for the Hot Chocolate 5K the first weekend in November. So regardless of whether or not I do the Turkey Trot, there is a 5K in my future.

I also have, in the distance, my sights on the Shamrock Shuffle. Which, is an 8K and not a 5K, but all of my friends will be doing it, so hopefully if I can run 3.2 miles by November, I'm hoping to be able to do 5 by March. Running was my weakest even this past Tri season, I am hoping that even though it will probably never be my strongest even, to at least not suck at it :)

Aside from that, my husband bought a Spin Bike for us to use in the winter months when the actual bikes will be collecting dust in our garage. That way, I can stay in biking form over the winter months as well. And of course, there will always be my morning swims. Next years Tri season, I'm not kidding you about wanting to rock it. My goal is to finish in 2 hours. That would mean taking 40 minutes off my time. Which if I work on my biking and my running should be doable. By spring Im hoping to be able to do the bike in an hour and the run in 45... if I work on my transitions a bit and keep my swimming where its at or even get a little better, I should be able to finish right around 2 hours.

That's the plan. Formulating plans is the easy part- sticking to them an entirely different story. :)

Til next time!