Thursday, August 5, 2010

Unsolicited Unkind Advice

I had an office party tonight. There were generous amounts of wine flowing, and someone that I work with decided to take it upon themselves to "suggest" that I should meet with a doctor to discuss Lap Band Surgery. I was totally floored that someone a.) in a professional setting and b.) totally unsolicited would even suggest something like that to someone they only barely know.

I mean, I'm sure it had something to do with the Wine - but still- what the hell. I mean yeah- I competed in a triathlon, and Im doing another one, and who knows maybe people expect me to walk through a magic changing machine or just unzip out of my body and suddenly be a ripped muscle woman. But it doesn't flipping happen like that.

Truly, there is no one more frustrated than myself at how S-L-O-W-L-Y weight comes off- especially when it goes on SO much faster than it comes off. So, I decided that I'm going to bite the bullet and plunk down the dough (a ridiculous amount of dough might I add) on the Calorie and Cardio point tests. - It's been so long since Ive posted that I should probably explain how the whole journey to the Calorie Point occurred.

A Group of my friends also belong to Lifetime Fitness like I do. They are having this 90 day weight loss challenge thingie right now and asked me to join then. I was like "sure why not" its 25 bucks and I'm already doing everything with WW anyways and having the advice from a Personal Trainer will be cool.

So I signed up last week, after my morning swim- and I get cornered by the Nutritionist who is all like "The problem with WW is that the points are general and not specifically tailored to each individual person and a lot of the time you are in calorie deprivation without even realizing it. And since you are doing Triathlon training I'm positive you aren't consuming enough calories for the exercise you are doing etc etc" I told her that I have additional "activity points" that I get for all the exercise that I am doing and she said that even that isn't giving a "realistic" idea to me specifically of how much I need to eat because even the activity points are just generalizations.

SO she told me I hsould get a metabolic test and some other test (through the club - at almost $2oo bucks a pop) and tried to sell me on the nutritional consultations through them instead.

Some of what she said makes sense- because as I said before Ive been training for these triathlons since last summer and I only lost 4 pounds so maybe the metabolic testing would be beneficial. I'm so torn though, because I just hate not knowing if she is genuinely trying to help or just trying to earn her commission for the week.

But after my crap day, Im kind of to the point that I don't really care where her motivation was- maybe it really will help. Especially since once school starts, I'll have to cut my workouts down to accommodate my school schedule, the nutrition information might be helpful.

I just don't get it though - it infuriates me that people seem to think that it's OK to get all in people's business. I mean, I wouldn't walk up to someone with a big wart on their nose and suggest they visit a dermatologist, or tell someone who is mentally unstable to go and see a shrink- why does anyone think its OK to come up to a heavy person and say "hey, you should get lap band surgery"

My response was "Um, I competed in a Triathlon you know, and Im doing another one on Sunday" To which they had no response to- but it's just ridiculous. People seriously amazing.

I really thought writing about it would make me feel better- but it's actually only worked to make me more upset :-/ Oy vey.

Anyhow- we have our family Tri on Sunday. I'm actually really excited for it, because for one, there's no real pressure because it's a relay, and I'll be competing in my strongest event- swimming. Plus I get to introduce the world of Triathlon to my Dad and Sister and show them how much fun, how friendly and inspiring it is. Who knows, maybe next year we'll have a whole gaggle of people doing a full tri.

This Triathlon this weekend closes the book on the Triathlon season for me, but I plan on training all throughout the winter, because I have a long list of Triathlons I want to compete in next year (Ok- not a "LONG" list- Four actually... plus a 1.5 mile open water swim in Minnesota.) This winter I hope will be totally transformative for me. Only time will tell of course, but that is the goal.

Of course, I will continue posting (even if it has become a bit sporadic)

Alright, have a great day everyone!